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Ecogreen 400watts Solar Panel

The modules use high-quality mono-crystalline solar cells, enclosed by high-rigidity tempered glass with excellent light transmittance and output performance

Ecogreen Inverter 2kva

Ecogreen Pure Zine Inverter

Ecogreen Solar Panel 400W

Description: The solar panel of 400W watts monocrystalline is composed of anti-reflective glass that increases the level of transmissivity by 2%, which allows it to take advantage of all the light projected by the sun and increase its efficiency by 2%. The monocrystalline solar panel of 400W is a very efficient solution because it gives us more power in less space so we can increase the solar power installed in the same space or have the same installed solar power occupying less space. The solar panel of 400W Monocrystalline is easy to assemble and install; With the solar panel 400W Monocrystalline, you will have great functionality for the generation of electric power in field huts, warehouses, buildings or usual homes. The solar panel of 400W Monocrystalline uses state-of-the-art materials developed by the photovoltaic industry. It has 96 cells placed in series. The typical application of solar panel 400W monocrystalline is to supply electric power to electronic equipment of small and medium power that, by their characteristics, are located in areas far from urban centers, such as batteries away from conventional energy sources (example: A battery that is in some little use house) relief posts, lights, small beacons … It is also widely used in self-consumption facilities due to its better ratio of power and size